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Holiday House Prep
November 8, 2017
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December 8, 2017
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November Rain

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In Salt Lake County we see a lot of flooding and water damage to houses that occurs due to rain fall. There are several ways that rain causes water damage. One of the big reasons rain causes water damage is that it raises the ground water table, which makes it so that the ground can no longer absorb more water, making the water stand on the ground. When this water has nowhere to go, it will follow the path of least resistance. For many homes in the valley that means going straight into people’s basements.

Another way that ground water can enter a home is through foundation cracks. If you have a finished basement you may not be aware of the subtle shifts your home makes over the years that cause the foundation to crack. These cracks aren’t often an issue until the water table rises. Often times water table issues can be avoided by some simple landscaping, make sure that the ground near your foundation slopes outwards, away from the home so that the water has a harder time flowing into the foundation.

Another big thing that can help is checking your gutters and downspouts, ensure that they’re clean and free of debris and also that they’re adequately run away from your home.

Always remember, in the event that you do find yourself with a flooded basement, we are only a phone call away 24/7!