Typical water damage scenarios include the gradual deterioration of the property’s exteriors or interiors due to a leak or standing water. Apart from these, water damage also results in sanitization concerns, structural issues, and mold problems.

Water damage happens. But when caught early enough, the damage can be repaired easily. So, what are the common causes behind it?

Leaking or Bursting Pipes

Toilets and drains that get blocked or backed up result in excess water pressure, which could cause the pipe to leak or burst. Check your garbage disposal machines, as well. Malfunctioning garbage disposals take a toll on your pipes. Lastly, keep an eye on old and rusty pipes; they are prone to breaking.

Air Conditioners

On the surface, your A/C unit might appear to be in good condition. It might be a different story on the inside. As air conditioners remove moisture from the air, moisture gradually builds up inside. If you neglect to drain the unit properly, it will cause the water to slowly leak into the house — ruining the drywall and floor.

Clogged Drains

Sewer water is harmful to the health because it contains bacteria and raw sewage materials; homeowners should be vigilant about ensuring they don’t let their homes be contaminated by the water.

Clogged toilets, however, may lead to water backing up into the sink, shower, or bathroom floor. Meanwhile, kitchen sinks that back up cause the sink to overflow and damage your cabinetry and flooring. Homeowners need to keep their drains unclogged.

Weather-Related Issues

Storms, flash floods, and hurricanes happen, and you can’t predict the damage they could cause to your property. These weather-related issues are sure to trigger water buildup, though. And that damages both the home’s exterior and interior. Make sure to have regular inspections to avoid worsening leaks in and around your home.

The aftermath of water damage can be a confusing time for homeowners. Instead of dealing with the trouble on your own, call AAA Restoration for professional assistance.