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Holiday House Prep

holiday house prep

The holidays are upon us and there is nothing more stressful than preparing to have a house full of decorations, food, gifts, and people. The last thing you would want to happen when you’ve got your family counting on you is for disaster to strike. Here are some of our most common questions and answers regarding holiday décor and avoiding disaster!

We have a lot of food to cook; I can leave my oven going while we’re running errands, right?

Wrong, never leave your oven unattended for extended periods of time. If something in your oven were to catch fire while you were gone it could be disastrous for the food, and also your house. Always make sure to keep your oven clean and in good operating conditions.

My guests are cold, should I use space heaters to warm them up?

NO! Space heaters are a huge fire hazard because they are often left on, forgotten about, or kicked over. Not only can they damage flooring or other building materials, they could cause a serious house fire.

I love the smell of burning candles, but sometimes I forget to put them out. It’s okay, right?

NO! Never ever leave a candle burning when you’re not in the room, and definitely don’t leave them near anything highly flammable like drapers or curtains. Make sure to keep them elevated so as to not be easily kicked over. Candles contribute a huge amount to holiday house fires, so keep your house and your family safe.

We always have a real tree for Christmas, how can I make sure it’s safe in my house?

Make sure that your tree is fresh, a dry tree will catch fire more easily than a fresh green tree. Plus the fresh one will smell better! Make sure to keep the tree base full of water throughout the season so as to not dry it out prematurely, and always make sure that your tree is a good distance away from any heat sources like a fireplace or radiator.

Most importantly, remember that you can stay safe and have fun at the same time. Nothing is more important during this time of year than family.