Asbestos Testing


Are you in need of a certified Asbestos Tester?

AAA Restoration would gladly come out and inspect as well as test for asbestos. With the testing the results can solidify if there is asbestos present or not.

Why? If you are planning on remodeling or doing some demolition you need to be aware of the health effects of asbestos and ensure it is not present in the building material you are disturbing.

What? You might ask yourself what for? Why do I need to be concerned with asbestos? Well, asbestos, when disturbed becomes harmful. This is why the state regulations state that you need to test before remodeling or demolition building structures. Before disturbing it test results will certify if it contains asbestos or not.

How? The first step is to give us a call. No matter what the question is we can have an expert discuss with you your options. We will then schedule you out a time for an inspector to come and pull samples. At that point, these samples are ran through a lab and once the results come back we can determine if there is asbestos or if the tests came back negative.

NOTE: If you are in a rush to get these samples back we can for an additional fee we can rush the samples to receive your results quickly.