Water Damage Restoration FAQs

FAQs About Water Damage Restoration in Utah

1I have a flooded basement; what should I do?

Additionally, please:

  • Unplug anything electrical.
  • Turn off the power from the circuit breaker if you have water coming from light fixtures.
  • Remove any personal or sentimental items from the damaged areas.
  • Wait for a company to come begin the drying process.
2I have found water in my home. What is the first thing I should do?
You should immediately turn off the water source to prevent further damage from happening. Then, you should call a certified professional.
3Does your company work with all insurance companies?
Yes, we work with all insurance companies.
4Will my water damage be covered by my insurance company?
If the damage is caused by water coming from inside your home, it should be covered. If the water is coming from outside your structure, coverage will depend on your insurance company.
5Do I have to use the restoration company my insurance agency recommended?
No, it is not stated anywhere in your insurance policy that you have to their recommended restoration company; you can use whichever one you want. Some people feel more comfortable using a third-party restoration company. It is completely up to you.
6What is going to happen to my damaged contents and/or furniture?
We can restore almost any damaged contents. Sometimes it is more effective to replace than repair. But, if an item has sentimental value, then we can most likely restore it for you.
7Do I have to replace the original materials or can I upgrade?
You can upgrade. While your house is already under construction, it is a great time to do any upgrades or remodels that you have been waiting for years to do. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that the insurance company is not responsible to pay for the upgrades.
8In addition to drying my structure, do you do reconstruction as well?
AAA Restoration is a one-stop shop. We will dry your home and also provide a complete rebuild or remodel, including cabinets and floor coverings. We are complete general contractors licensed in the state of Utah.