Pet Stain Removal in Utah

pet stain removal Pets are every family’s best friend. They brighten up sad days and are always there to offer comfort and support. Your furry pals, however, also make keeping the house clean and smelling fresh a challenge.

No matter how potty trained your pet is, accidents can still happen. Instead of letting pet stains ruin the carpet, call AAA Restoration — your friendly pet stain removal company.

Why Remove Stains ASAP

Pet urine causes permanent stains on carpets and furniture. Urine in its acidic state can be cleaned with topical treatments. Once the stain dries, however, it turns alkaline, which makes removal difficult. If left for days or weeks, the urine will result in dye loss or permanent staining.

You can still remove soluble deposits, but complete removal is impossible. Eventually, it will be better to replace the carpet than have it cleaned.

How We Can Help with Pet Stain Removal

Cleaning the stained area yourself might make things smell better. Unfortunately, some odors are stubborn and will remain despite your best efforts.

AAA Restoration offers specialized services that effectively remove pet urine and odors. Our pet stain removal methods are designed to leave your carpet or upholstery looking and smelling fresh. Thanks to our intensive action cleaning, we do not just mask the odor — we destroy the source of the unpleasant smell altogether.

Our trained technicians also possess the skills to find all pet stains. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to quickly treat your home.

Keep your pet’s “accidents” from compromising your home’s fresh and inviting atmosphere. Call AAA Restoration today for our professional pet stain removal services.