Tile Installation

Offering versatility and sophisticated style, tile flooring is a timeless choice. This flooring material is versatile, easy to clean, tough, and climate-friendly. Tile is a durable and fashionable material that can be used inside or outside of your home, in most casual or formal settings. Tile comes in hundreds of colors and varieties which can help you create endless designs throughout your home.

kitchen after tile installationGive Your Utah Home an Upscale Look with Tile Installation

Tile can elevate the look of any room. With its beauty and long-wearing durability, tile flooring creates a unique look that is as practical as it is personal. Tile floors are easy to care for and can be customized to fit your needs. Tile flooring can instantly transform the look of any space. The specific type of tile flooring that’s right for you and your family is really a matter of your preferences and individual requirements.

There are many types of tile flooring. Travertine, ceramic, and porcelain are the most common. Each type of tile flooring are available in a selection of shapes, sizes, and colors. Renowned for their resistance to water and wear, tile makes for an incredibly enduring surface that’s perfect for the moist and high traffic areas of your home.

Tile Flooring Offers Many Design Options

The amount of wear and tear your tile floors can withstand greatly depends on the material that the tile is made from. As you plan which areas in your home will be tiled, take into account the foot traffic in each area. It is important to select tile that will pair well with the use of the individual room(s).

  • Ceramic: one of the most common floor tile types, and is made from clay and shale then fired (baked) in a kiln. Ceramic tile is very dense and can be used in most rooms in your home.
  • Porcelain: one of the hardest and strongest types of tile, known for its superior stain resistance and durability. Dense, moisture–resistant porcelain tile flooring is highly recommended in bathrooms and outdoor spaces.
  • Travertine: very durable material used commonly in floors with heavy traffic, resistant to temperature changes, adds a unique blend of mountain born beauty to any interior space.

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