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Utah Asbestos Removal & Abatements

AAA Restoration is certified through the State of Utah in asbestos removal and abatements. When it comes to removing ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials) call a professional that you can trust.

If you have received notification or test results that state the asbestos came back hot, please give us a call. We can come out and give you a free estimate for removal.

With the proper controls & containment we can remove the asbestos and get your building project back on track. We will work with the state to ensure that you can proceed with your building project or in getting your building permits.

When Is Asbestos Dangerous?

Some people believe only a few types of asbestos are dangerous. On the contrary, exposure to all types of asbestos fibers is hazardous to one’s health; people need to be careful about being exposed to it.

It’s difficult to tell if the air is contaminated with asbestos fibers, though. When asbestos is crushed, it breaks into tinier fibers that are too small to see, taste, or feel. These fibrils will not make you sneeze, cough, or even affect your skin.

When asbestos contaminates the air, everyone is at risk for exposure. The following factors will contribute to the likelihood of harmful health effects occurring:

  • Duration (how long)
  • Dosage (how much)
  • The pathway of exposure

Why Involve Utah Asbestos Abatement Professionals

Visible asbestos fibers are easily dealt with; all you need to do is sweep them up. Unfortunately, microscopic asbestos fibril can get into your lungs and cause respiratory problems.

Do-it-yourself asbestos removal poses serious health risks, such as mesothelioma — a rare yet deadly type of cancer. Asbestos fibers are hazardous in dust form; inhalation will increase your chances of contracting lung diseases and mesothelioma in the future.

Fortunately, we are the name you can trust when it comes to asbestos removal in Salt Lake City.

Our professional Utah asbestos removal crew possesses proper ventilation equipment that ensures their safety. They can also identify signs of the presence of asbestos fibers and apply the right remediation solutions. Trust our experienced team to perform specialized testing of any room exposed to asbestos.

asbestos removal
asbestos removal

Common ACM Materials:

• Ceiling Spray
• Sheet Vinyl
• Pipe Insulation
• Tank Insulation
• Floor Tile / Mastic
• Transite

Where We Abate Asbestos From:

• Commercial
• Residential