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Professional Tile Cleaning Services in Utah

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Over time, tile floors lose their luster. The constant foot traffic plus stains and spills dull the surface’s shine. Scrubbing and mopping can clean the tiles, but they do not yield the best results. As mopping can only remove the dirt on the surface, it cannot properly deal with grout’s porous and naturally dirt and debris-absorbent characteristics.

AAA Restoration restores tiles and grout to a like-new state with our extensive tile cleaning services. Trust our tile cleaners to achieve better results than any DIY solution or hand cleaning effort could.

Do-It-Yourself Tile Cleaning Isn’t always the Way to Go

Some homeowners think old toothbrushes, grout cleaners, and a liberal amount of elbow grease are enough to clean their tiles. On the contrary, these tools only clean the tile surface. Moreover, improper cleaning methods will result in permanently discolored tiles. Instead of spending on expensive re-coloring in the future, choose more effective cleaning methods that only professionals like us can provide.

Our tile and grout experts use high-powered equipment and specialized techniques to extract stubborn dirt and grime.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Is Beneficial

Most homeowners are unaware of the benefits that come with professional tile cleaning beyond improving the aesthetics of your home. Your home can also benefit from AAA Restoration’s services because they:

  • Extend floor life by removing dirt that weakens tiles
  • Prevent costly damage and inconveniences that come with a complete tile replacement job
  • Use cleaning products safe for floor types including porcelain, ceramic, limestone, and travertine

Scrubbing off tiles is a big job. Instead of putting it on your to-do list, put it on ours. Get in touch with AAA Restoration today for a free estimate.