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Avoiding Fires During Holiday Season

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House in fire at night. Firefighters fighting with fire.

At AAA Restoration, we’re proud to offer fire damage restoration services on top of our mold and water damage offerings. One thing we’ve learned over many years helping with fire restoration: Despite colder temperatures and maybe even snow on the ground, the holiday season is one of the biggest risks out there for fires.

Why is this? Well, it’s often due to the increased amount of electronics and lighting found inside, outside and on top of homes. Before you go about decking your halls, let our experts offer a few safety tips to make sure you avoid any hazards while you’re making merry.

Christmas Trees

  • Only use indoor Christmas tree lights that have been tested for safety.
  • Never put electric lights on a metallic Christmas tree, as this risks electric shock.
  • Check each set of lights before use for worn or broken cords, cracked sockets, and any loose bulb connections.
  • Never connect more than three standard-size sets of lights into an extension cord, as this can overload circuits.
  • Don’t fasten colored spotlights onto metallic trees. Instead, use them above or beside the tree to prevent branches from becoming charged.
  • Turn of all decorations when leaving home or going to bed.
  • Protect electric cords and tree lights from pets.

Outdoor Lights

  • Make sure lights are rated for outdoor use by a testing laboratory, including weather-resistant qualities for both lights and extension cords.
  • Fasten outdoor lights securely to supportive structures to prevent wind damage. Don’t use nails or staples, as these can cut through wire insulation.
  • Take exterior lights down within 90 days to prevent weather damage hazards or spring critters chewing on them.
  • Store lights safely after taking them down, including untangling cords.


  • Never use real candles to decorate a tree. Instead, use only battery-operated, flameless LED candles.
  • If you do use real candles in the home, use only non-flammable holders and place your candles only where they cannot be knocked over or blown over. Keep them away from flammable objects, and always within your sight. Extinguish all candles before going to bed, leaving the room or leaving home.

For more on preventing fire hazards around the holiday season, or to learn more about our flood cleanup or home restoration services, speak to the pros at AAA Restoration today.