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Avoiding Mold Growth on Carpets

water damaged ceiling

When we think of mold in the home, most naturally think about moisture-related areas like bathrooms and hardwood floors near sinks or faucets. And while these are indeed some of the most common areas in which mold can form, one area many homeowners forget about is carpets.

Mold damage can happen on carpets, and at AAA Restoration, we’re here to help if that ever becomes the case. Here are some tips for keeping your carpet mold-free so hopefully you won’t need these services.

Indoor Humidity

Mold doesn’t absolutely require standing water to grow – it can do so simply through the presence of high humidity and heat. Always try to keep indoor humidity under 60 percent, and consider installing a dehumidifier if this is regularly an issue. Simultaneously, never let the temperature in your home get over 80 degrees Fahrenheit, especially if you deal with humidity issues regularly.

When installing carpet, be sure to look for areas that are less likely to experience humidity or water leaks. Basements and bathrooms are more prone to flooding, washing machine failures and other water issues.

Antimicrobial Padding

When you’re installing new carpet in your home, consider rubber-slab carpet padding. This padding is less prone to developing mold spores and bacteria, and it’s well worth a small additional expense, particularly if your home is naturally high in humidity.

General Cleanliness

Dirt and dust are essentially food for mold, and you should clean carpets regularly to avoid this. Vacuum the carpet weekly with a good vacuum, and when carpets require a deeper cleaning, always use a dry method – this will minimize the amount of moisture that the carpet absorbs, and can help prevent mold.

Standing Water

Mold needs only about 24 to 48 hours to grow if there’s standing water, so if you notice any water damage, remove it as soon as possible and dry out the carpet. Make sure there’s no moisture hiding underneath the carpet anywhere.

For more on preventing mold on carpets, or for our mold removal or water damage services, speak to the pros at AAA Restoration today.