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April 18, 2017
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June 13, 2017
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Boarding Up After Disasters

front door

The last thing anyone ever wants to think about regarding their home is disaster striking. Unfortunately, these things do happen, the good news is: we are here to help. In addition to the water and mold remediation we are known for, we also do theft and fire board up. Never would someone imagine that their house is getting broken into, but occasionally it does happen – we’ve seen it. There are a few options for a board up depending upon the point of entry, we can re-secure a door if that had been the point of entry by screwing some additional piece of wood to the door (see above) in order to ensure that the door doesn’t swing open on its own with the wind. If it’s a window that has been broken we can remove an excess glass and ensure nobody gets hurt on the glass before securing wood over the surface of the window.

Another event that we would do a board up is when there is water damage to stucco in the winter. When a water line that is near the exterior of the home bursts it can do damage to the stucco that requires the stucco to be removed, since stucco shouldn’t be installed during the cold we are left to board it up. In these instances we will secure the plywood and insulate it as best as possible to prevent any further damage to the pipes, but also to keep any air drafting into the home.