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May 17, 2017
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Tips for Avoiding Accidental Flooding

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Something we see a lot of in this industry is accidental flooding. What I mean by that is when something happens that causes water to run without someone knowing. This could be the case with a hose running unsupervised, a water line to a coffee machine that’s come loose, sprinklers that are forgotten about. This happens all the time and can be a costly mistake. More often than not, these are not covered by insurance. Here are some tips to prevent costly summer flooding.

  1. Always stay with your hose while you’re watering, the last thing you need is to forget that your water is running and leave the house. This is when you’re likely to come home to a flooded basement or completely ruined yard.
  2. Put your sprinklers on a timer. Nearly all sprinkler systems have the ability to be set up on a timer or schedule. Only schedule sprinklers when you know you will be home, most floods happen when homeowners aren’t home and the damage is much more severe because it wasn’t caught early.
  3. Turn off your main water when you leave town. While less likely in the summer than in the winter, pipes can still burst. You wouldn’t want to come home from vacation to find that your house flooded a week ago and already you have major mold growing.
  4. Keep swimming pools far from the house. Kids go crazy in the water and frequently the water will escape the swimming pool, or the swimming pool could break and cause an excess of water to spill out with nowhere to go. Window wells are a very common spot for that water to accumulate.

Last but not least, always remember, if you find yourself in trouble and are in need of water restoration – we are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.