Utah Water Damage Experts, AAA Restoration of Salt Lake City

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Utah Water Damage Experts, AAA Restoration of Salt Lake City

Salt Lake Utah Water Damage / Flooding

Utah Water Damage Experts

Water damage is often unexpected and can be devastating. In the aftermath of a flooding or severe weather incident, you may not know how bad the loss is. Water is notorious for creating an environment where hazards like mold can grow undetected. That’s why it is essential to talk to the experts as soon as possible after a precipitation event, flooding, or if you suspect leakage in your building.

Flooding and Water Damage Services

We provide flooding and water damage services to Utah residents and business owners, working to preserve commercial properties and homes quickly. Our goal is to be on top of the issue as soon as possible, to prevent further damage to your property. At the same time, we are professionals who want to do the job right and protect your interests as a consumer. That means we’ll do what’s necessary, but never charge you more than what you need to pay to keep your home or business safe.

Our First Steps
After you contact our team, we arrive on-site within a short time frame. You can expect us to give you answers: specifically our plan of action to get rid of the water and restore the property. Our experts also give you an accurate quote of how much we charge for our services. Without hesitation, we will provide or obtain the following:

  • Plan to remove water after flooding
  • Steps to remove or repair damaged property
  • Timeline for project completion

Quote for water damage repair and restoration
Approval from the property owner and insurance company to begin work
Our quick-thinking, professional team, therefore, gives you the tools you need to start moving through this crisis.

Trained and Knowledgeable Staff
The quality of the team matters and AAA Restorations experts have been in the Utah Water Cleanup business for decades. No two incidents of water damage are precisely the same. Because of our experience and training, we can distinguish between hazards in the building depending on the water source. Clean water, grey water, and black water pose different risks to you and your family members, leading to a distinct plan of action for each. We’ll be upfront with what you are facing and give you the information you need to know.

  • Remove standing water.
  • Remove damaged drywall, structural materials, carpet, carpet padding, and other substances affected by water.
  • Apply chemical agents to prevent the growth of mold and fungi.
    Places dehumidifiers, air movers, and other equipment to remove moisture from the area.
  • In other words, we leave no corner untreated, if it possibly was exposed to moisture. We use the highest industry standards to dry out your building after a flood, leak, or massive weather event.

Restoration Technique
Once you approve the plan we provide, we will get right to work. This is a challenging process for many property owners, as they learn the extent of the water damage. Our professional team, however, takes the necessary steps to protect your building. Trained and skilled technicians remove affected pieces and use proven techniques to stop any additional harm.

Working With Insurance
Dealing with water damage is stressful enough. The out-of-pocket costs to restore your building should not be an added burden. That is why we pledge to always be fair to our Utah clients. We work with your insurance company to understand what’s covered and what charges you will have to pay. That way, the entire process will be fully transparent, and you will be able to trust our ability to do the job that’s necessary to repair your property.

Your home or commercial space can recover from a water incident. If you suspect damage or need an assessment after a severe leak or flood, give us a call. We’ll be right there to help as your partners in the cleanup process.

Call AAA Restoration Salt Lake City at (801) 263-9990 for a free no-obligation quote for your Utah Water Damage Cleanup.