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After Water Damage, Do You Have to Replace the Carpet?

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When water damage occurs, acting quickly is crucial. The sooner the cleanup process begins, the easier it is to keep the amount of destruction – and the cost of property restoration — at a minimum.

But what if the carpet gets soaked? Does it have to be replaced?

The fact is, carpeting and the padding beneath are often casualties of water damage. However, the decision on whether a carpet is salvageable comes down to where the flooding originated and how long the flooring remained saturated. Here’s what you need to know.

Types of Water Damage

Water and flooding events fall into one of the following classifications, based upon the source of the deluge:

  • Category 1 – Clean water from a sink, supply pipe, icemaker line or another sanitary source

  • Category 2 – Gray water that is contaminated, such as shower drainage, toilet bowl seepage, washing machine overflow or

  • Category 3 – Black water from outside flooding, sewer backflow or any grossly unsanitary or toxic source

How Professionals Deal with Water-Damaged Carpet

The type of water damage typically determines the outcome for saturated carpet, but the timing of disaster restoration also plays a part.

For Category 1 damage that occurred within the past 48 hours, professionals can usually salvage both the carpeting and the padding – without removing the flooring. After 48 hours, however, restoration follows the procedure for Category 2.

After a Category 2 event, the carpet padding must be discarded. The carpeting, on the other hand, can often be cleaned, treated and reinstalled over fresh padding.

With Category 3 water damage, both the carpet and the padding need to be replaced. In addition, before installing new carpeting, the flooring needs to be treated with disinfectants.

What to Do if Your Carpet is Flooded

If your carpet recently became saturated – and the flooding has a sanitary source – you may be able to mitigate the destruction by:

  • Using a wet/dry vacuum to quickly remove as much of the water as possible

  • Setting up fans throughout the space to speed up the drying process

  • Placing a dehumidifier in the room to eliminate residual moisture

  • Steam cleaning the carpeting or hiring a professional carpet cleaning service

However, experts in disaster restoration only recommend taking the do-it-yourself approach if you have the equipment and ability to thoroughly dry out both the carpeting and the padding within two days of the event. Fail to eliminate all of the moisture, and you risk mold development.


If water damage hits your northern Utah property, the easiest and safest course of action is to call on the professionals at AAA Restoration. Our highly experienced team is available day and night, ready to help restore water-damaged homes and businesses throughout the greater Salt Lake City area and all along the Wasatch Front.


We offer full-service disaster restoration, including professional carpet cleaning, mold testing, structural renovations – we can handle all of your remediation needs. And, if you end up having to replace your carpet, our wholesale flooring sales and installation makes the move more affordable. To request immediate help with water damage, contact AAA Restoration in Murray, Utah, today.