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Utah, Rain and Home Damage

rain damage

Anyone who has lived in Utah for more than a few years knows that we have years of very little rain, and years of excessive rain. The average annual rainfall in Utah is 18.58 inches, and this year in March alone we have received 3.51 inches. What does this mean to homeowners? They have got to keep up on their outdoor home maintenance.  Clean and proper rain gutters could save you thousands in water damage remediation.

Imagine, when you have rain gutters that are dirty and full of leaves they clog the downspouts and if they downspouts can’t drain properly, where is that water going to go? Often times it will go straight down the house and into the ground at the foundation. When this happens you may discover that you have foundation cracks that allow water to seep into your home when the water table is too high. Ensuring that your rain gutters are clean and the downspouts extended properly can help the water to drain away from your foundation, instead of straight into it.

Another common problem we experience in Utah is ice damming. Ice damming occurs when there is a large amount of snow on the roof of a home that freezes over the top due to extreme cold or rain over the snow and then melts from the bottom up due to heat in the home. This causes water to back up under the shingles and go into the walls and ceiling of the home. One way to help this not happen to you is to throw a little ice melt on top of the snow on your roof after a snow!