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How to Know If Luxury Vinyl Tile Is Right for Your Home


Building your home can be the best feeling ever until you have to consider the materials that you will need to create a beautiful home according to your expectations. Most of the time, price is equal to quality. The more you can afford, the more achievable the concept you have in mind is. Aside from the material itself, the installation is another thing that you have to pay attention to if you hired someone else to do it for you. 

One of the common complaints of homeowners is the improper installation of their tiles. If not for the alignment of each tile, the underlayment is uneven, and the grout does not look neat. 

A vinyl tile is a good option if you want to avoid this hassle. Below are factors to consider to know if vinyl flooring is perfect for your home.


Aesthetics are never removed from the picture when building your house. Since the flooring is one of the biggest and most noticeable parts of the home, choosing tiles with the perfect size and color is essential. The good thing about using vinyl tiles is that they can imitate the look of natural hardwood or stone. They are so realistic, and that makes them perfect for your Scandinavian or industrial interior goals. 

More than their look is the texture. The vinyl tiles are made to feel natural, so it won’t feel off to step on them with your bare foot. These characteristics will make it difficult for visitors to differentiate them from glass or marble tiles—undoubtedly a worthy investment, aesthetic-wise!


If you live in an apartment and do not want to spend a lot on beautifying your home, vinyl tiles are indeed your best choice. A vinyl tile only costs as cheap as $2 per square foot. On the other hand, hardwood tiles can cost twice to five times more than vinyl tiles. If vinyl tiles can look and feel the same as the actual wood planks and stone, why pay for the more expensive ones? 


Ask the contractors and homeowners that you know, and they can tell you how time and energy-consuming it is to install tiles. Aside from the work needed to finish them, tile installation is a sensitive process where you need to make the subflooring and let the concrete dry before putting the tiles on them. Skipping on any necessary process can leave you having uneven, cracked, and misaligned tiles.

But there’s a shortcut to all that: the use of vinyl tiles. With this alternative, putting underlayment is not necessary. Removing the old flooring is also not required if you want to have a whole new flooring. Just stick it over the existing floor, and you’re done!


When it comes to maintenance, vinyl can also boast its low-maintenance feature. Compared to brushing hardwood flooring and carpet, vinyl flooring does not need to be cleaned every now and then since it cannot absorb stains. One wipe is all you need to get rid of the dirt and dust. No need for bleach and special cleaning equipment because there would be not much to get rid of. 


At first look, vinyl tiles can look more vulnerable to damage and scratches. Nevertheless, vinyl tiles are durable enough to endure foot traffic for a period longer than you could think. Regardless of its age, you will barely see signs of wear and tear on your vinyl flooring. The bottom line is, vinyl tiles can be more durable than they look.


Your flooring holds the most significant role in your house since it is always stepped on, carries a lot of furniture, and endures the friction of whatever the household slides on top of it. Despite that, it is unnecessary to get a lot of money out of your pocket to get the right set of tiles. We hope this article helped you get informed about how worthy vinyl tiles are! 

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