Here’s How Often You Should Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

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Here’s How Often You Should Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned


A carpet is often what pulls together a room and completes the home. Some residences and establishments even opt to have carpeted flooring due to how good it can be. However, there are certain responsibilities when it comes to owning a carpet. Maintenance can be hard to have a grasp over. 

Professional cleaning is a must to fully clear out the carpet. Although vacuuming every once in a while can help the surface, letting an expert get into the nitty-gritty of your carpet for cleaning is the best way to lengthen the life of your rug. Generally speaking, carpets should be professionally cleaned at least twice every year. 

It may be a more frequent necessity depending on the circumstances at home. Here’s a quick rundown of when you should contact a professional carpet cleaner and how often it should be:

With Allergy-Prone Occupants

Unbeknownst to some carpet owners, certain carpet fibers can accumulate many dust and mold particles that may be floating in the air. This can’t be removed by pure vacuuming alone, and it can be dangerous to leave it as is for a long time when there are allergy-prone occupants.

Don’t wait for all the allergens to concentrate on that one area. Have professional cleaning done slightly more often to ensure that people on the carpet don’t have to be vulnerable to the floating dust that can trigger any allergic reactions. 

With Pets And Kids In The Home

If you don’t have professional carpet cleaning scheduled, it can often put the young ones and animals at risk. Kids, on one hand, spend a lot of time playing on the ground, which can be plagued with outdoor mud, food spills, and more.

Pets also spend a big amount of their time on the carpet, susceptible to any of the dirt on the mat too. Plus, your little furry friends may even cause stains and scents affecting the appearance and condition of your rug. Protect the carpet by having a cleaner come regularly.

With A Lighter Carpet Color

Carpet hues play a part in how often you should have the floor covering professionally cleaned. Rugs that are darker in color are usually in the clear as dirt isn’t that evident. But, lighter colors that border pastel, peach, or white will make those imperfections obvious.

Both ends of the carpet’s color spectrum have to be washed and maintained. However, for appearance purposes, it may be wiser to have professional cleaners handle the light-colored rug more often just to ensure that it can still look seemly.

With Wearing Indoor Shoes

Many households don’t practice leaving their footwear at the door when arriving home. Although it may be convenient to just remove them whenever one likes, it can often mean danger for your carpet. The rug would have to bear the brunt of so much dirt and debris from walking outside.

Having people step on the carpet can also be a little taxing to its quality. If there are many people at home, it usually means a lot more footsteps on top of the carpet. Be sure to revitalize your floor covering with a professional carpet cleaning session.


It can be a matter of preference and circumstances when deciding how often you should be calling up your professional carpet cleaner. Either way, be sure to clear the mold, dirt, dust, and more that can collect on your carpet.

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