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Important Facts on Rainwater Flooding Your Basement

water damage in Ogden, UT home

Concerns that you should be inspecting to prevent rainwater flooding

Check your rain gutter downspout system. Be sure that you have a correct rain gutter downspout system that is discharging the water at least 6 feet away from the foundation in a positive manner.

Proper maintenance on rain gutters is also necessary. Be sure to clean out your rain gutters regularly this will prevent potential damage due to blockage. We would recommend cleaning them out each fall. This will help you check if your rain gutters are in good working order.

Inspect your landscaping and the sloping of your yard. The sloping of your yard should be positive, meaning that it should be directing the water away from the foundation and your basement windows and doors of your house.

Example: Direction of water after it leaves the rain gutter system should always be in a positive manner preventing flooding.

You need to be aware of the type of ground cover around your house. The ground cover can be beneficial to keeping rain water out. Do note that bark and gravel to not consist of adjusting slopes, water could potentially run through them. Hard pack surface examples: dirt and concrete are the most effective way to keep a positive slope from foundation.

If you find yourself walking in your basement and smell musky/mildew like odors that could be an indication that there is a moisture problem in your basement. Which is elevated relative humidity and you need to further investigate or inspect for possible water damages.

In conclusion, those are a few important concerns when it comes to rain water flooding in your basement. Be sure to call a professional if you are having a reoccurring issue with rainwater because reoccurring moisture can potentially cause mold growth.