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The Story Behind The Name

AAA restoration

We find many people asking us, why is your name AAA Restoration? Well, 23 years ago when Don and Marie decided to start a carpet cleaning and disaster Restoration Company the phone book was very prominent. They had come up with a few different names during some brainstorming sessions. But, AAA Restoration was quickly the winner. Don decided that AAA Restoration would be the best name to suit our newly opened company because of the placement that name would have in the phone book. We know that many people would open the phone book to whatever services they were in need of look at the names alphabetically. Well, AAA Restoration and Carpet Cleaning, Inc. would always show up first! The phone book was a large part of the startup of building our customer base. From those who had found us in the phone book in our first years, we still have many of those same customers who have now become AAA Restoration cheerleaders.

We also have many people asking us if we are affiliated with AAA Insurance. But, we are not. Although we do work with all Insurance Companies, AAA included in that. So, now you know the story behind our name and why it is very near and dear to our hearts. Thanks to our owners for being clever we now have a large base of customers, many of which came from the phone book searches!