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March 14, 2015
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March 14, 2015
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How to Deal with Basement Water Leaks

Water leaks are a common problem faced by all of us and they need to be immediately taken care of; if neglected, they could cause a lot of damage. The leaks in water pipes can be checked by a thorough inspection and by using devices like a sonic leak detection system. The leaks in toilets can be detected by listening for any hissing sound from the water tanks. But the leaks that can cause a lot of damage are the most difficult to find because they can’t be seen or heard. This is because these leaks are at places we normally don’t visit every day or they are hidden within the building’s foundation.

One of such places that is often neglected by homeowners is their basement. There are a number of reasons for leaks in the basement, including cracks in walls or wall joints, cracks in basement flooring, improper drainage, leaks in the roof, etc. Spring season is the most troublesome because as the weather warms and snow melts, there is a significant increase in the amount of leaks. One should not take them lightly and fix them as soon as possible. This is because these leaks can cause a lot of damage and lead to mold growth, rusting metal, damp walls and floors, stains on your walls, rotten wood, and they can even produce musty smells in your basement.

These problems can be tackled by using basement waterproofing systems. If the water is collecting in a small area, then you can also use sump pumps. Sump pumps work through a build-up of hydrostatic pressure. This pressure build-up collects water that accumulates around the building foundation. Unfortunately, sump pumps aren’t feasible for larger areas.

To prevent the dampness in interior walls and floors that leads to mold growth, you can use an interior sealant and humidifiers. Some leaks can arise due to improper ventilation in the basement, so you should get the ventilation system checked and install a reliable ventilation system capable of rectifying the problem. After the water leak repair, you must continue to take care by using absorbent materials that reduce the musty smell and dampness in the air.

If you are still facing problems in locating a leak or repairing it, then you should call a professional leak detector who has the expertise you need. You can also hire a leak detector who uses an infrared leak detection system and can determine the exact location and cause of a leak. Doing so would allow you perform a water leak repair before it can cause heavy damage.