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March 14, 2015
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Talk About Water Damage—Man Creates Frozen Waterfall

A man in Jilin City, China, has shown the world what can happen if you leave the water running too long. Wen Hsu has lived on the seventh floor of his apartment building for 35 years, and when developers moved into the area seeking to tear down the building and turn the area into a shopping center, he was the only tenant who held out on selling.

Hsu, who is 58 years old, would not budge because he said the developers were not offering him enough money to allow him to get another place. Because he was the sole remaining person in the building, and cold temperatures were fast approaching, he feared that with no one else living in the building running their water or heating devices, the uninsulated pipes might freeze, leaving him without running water. Hsu came up with a way that he hoped would keep the pipes in the building from freezing.

He diverted a stream of warm water to run down the side of the structure, unintentionally creating a frozen waterfall. Hsu said of the dramatic effect, “The weather is warmer now, so there is no danger of the pipes freezing—although I think it might take a while for the waterfall to melt.” He may not have to wait long, because the sight of the frozen waterfall is drawing a lot of attention, including from the developers, who the local government has urged to offer him more money to make this dispute melt away.

Hsu’s response to the possibility of a better offer: “I hope so. It is very lonely here in my apartment with nobody else around.”