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September 1, 2016
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Water Damage Vocabulary


Water damage, flooding, wet carpet, leaking pipe or plumbing leak. These are all terms used to search or gather information on water damage removal.

Disaster restoration companies can assist you in cleaning up the various sources and causes of water damage. We are concerned with water damage and flooding caused to homes and commercial buildings and we like to act promptly when things happen such as:

Pipes Bursting

Plumbing pipes can burst for various reasons. But, in the most severe cases we see lots of damage done to the building materials and contents. Drywall falling in, or even floating contents. We would recommend a prompt response and to call a restoration company immediately after the discovery.

Rain Water Losses

Some buildings do not handle the rain as well as others. Often time’s customers have repeated water damages that reoccur each time a large rainstorm passes over them. Our job is to not only mitigate the damage from the water but, also take preventative measures. We want to prevent / fix the issue at hand.

Sewer Backups

No water damage is fun but, sewer backups can be a bit messier than most. Toilets can spill all over. In the case of a sewer backup, they need to be handled slightly differently than other sources of water because of the germs that sewage can contain.

Ice Damming

A ridge of ice can form on roofs preventing snow from melting and moving away from the structure.

Other Accidents

Unfortunately because water is such a vital part of home life it is everywhere. Too much of it can be bad for instance, when someone leaves a faucet or tub running for a long period of time. Or on that beautiful summer night if you get talking to the neighbors and forget to turn off the hose.

Whatever the cause of your water damage be sure to call an experienced expert. You will want to minimize the damage and begin the drying process as soon as possible.