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Warning Signs That You Have a Burst Pipe in the Basement


Your home or place of business may experience a pipe break at any time. Because pipes are typically concealed from view, a broken leaking pipe may be challenging to find, and if ignored, it may result in major damage that can be expensive.

Pipes can burst due to freezing, poor installation, physical damage, or even rust. One small hole in the pipe is all that is necessary for it to grow into a larger hole eventually. 

Whether water seeps into your walls, carpeting, or other parts of your house, it could result in an expensive repair. Never overlook indications that a pipe may be broken.

Finding a damaged pipe is crucial to avoiding further, expensive damage to your house or place of business. Here are a few simple ways to spot a broken pipe in your house.

Pressure Changes in the Water

As you wash your hands or take a shower, you should always check the water pressure in your taps. A broken pipe may be indicated by a change in the water pressure. 

There can be a leak in the system if the water pressure is really low. If your pipes freeze, you cannot have any water from the faucets.

A Smelly or Discolored Water

A burst pipe is indicated by water that is an odd shade of brown or has an unpleasant odor. There is a broken pipe in the earth if the water becomes brown in hue. 

As the pipe corrodes over time, dirt, germs, and other impurities may enter the water, posing a health risk to you and your family.

Unusual Noises from the Pipes

Pipes are installed by plumbers to be as silent as possible. So, if you hear odd noises coming from your pipes, that could indicate a leak. Whistling or bubbling noises can be signs of a leaking pipe. 

Air leaking into sewer lines is what causes bubbles. Pipes with dents make whistling noises as the water tries to pass through the narrow areas. When the water is running, you may hear a leaking sound, which indicates that there is already a leak.

Standing Water

Checking for standing water underneath the sink is the key indicator that a pipe in your residence or place of business is leaking. You can also look for moist carpets and flooring, which are significant indicators that your system is leaking.

Costly Water Bill

Without significant usage increases, if you realize that your water bill has suddenly increased, you might have a leaky pipe to blame. To prevent further water damage, this issue needs to be addressed straight away.

Water Marks

Water stains on the wall are a clear indicator of burst pipes. In your home or place of business, pipes are concealed behind the walls, so when they leak or break, they will leave a mark. 

The wall could occasionally even appear damp or spongy.


If you have discovered that you have a leak, you should always try to pinpoint it by looking for any obvious indications, such as those that might be present next to sinks, showers, or toilets. 

However, it is better to ask a plumber for assistance if you are unable to find the leak. You must contact a water damage restoration specialist to repair any damage the leak may have done to your home.

AAA Restoration Utah can help with water damage restoration in Salt Lake. Because we understand the immediacy of home and property damage, our services are available 24/7. 

Our quick response helps minimize damage and ensures that you’ll get back into your home sooner. Call us now to address the problem asap!