Tips on Protecting Your Home from Rising Groundwater

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Tips on Protecting Your Home from Rising Groundwater

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With the changing nature of rainfall patterns in recent years, many areas are experiencing more flooding and increased groundwater. Groundwater can enter your home well before it breaks through the surface. 

If you know where to look, you may see signs of water intrusion. You should also check all pipes in your house or building for any visible leaks. If your basement is wet, there’s a good chance that groundwater is coming from somewhere underneath your home or close by. 

Rising groundwater is a serious issue for households. It can lead to mold, rot, and structural problems. It also makes your home more prone to flooding when it rains. Fortunately, there are ways of dealing with it. Here are some tips on how to prevent groundwater from damaging your home.

Waterproof Your Basement

Don’t wait until your basement or crawlspace has flooded to get waterproofing done. Start now while there’s not much rain because if you don’t, it will cause you huge problems when groundwater starts to break in after raining or flooding.

You can start by filling the basement with more concrete to stop damage caused by groundwater. When you do this, make sure that if you’re using the basement as a storage space, don’t forget to transfer everything out of the area.

Waterproofing the basement can be an excellent and long-term option. Compared to installing a sump pump, you won’t have to deal with using your energy to pump out water if you frequently encounter basement flooding. Once you fill your basement with concrete, it seals the deal of protecting your home from groundwater breaking.

Install French Drain Systems

French drain systems can secure you from the complications that come with groundwater intrusion. This type of system consists of polypropylene tubing and a channel that’s lined with concrete. French drains resemble a pipe or trench, so they can easily blend in with your surroundings.

The significant advantage of a French drain is that it works well on a porous foundation, such as cinder blocks. It will prevent water from seeping into your home’s foundation and flooding your floors.

Because a French drain does not disrupt your foundation, you won’t need to do major repairs to prevent water damage. Plus, you can always install another one in the future if your original one doesn’t work well.

Install Sump Pumps

Installing a sump pump can help you automatically pump the water off your basement or crawlspace and out into a drain or even the street. Its main goal is to redirect water from your home outward, so your house is protected from floods caused by the rising of groundwater. 

It is a great way to have peace of mind if you’re worried about groundwater seeping into your basement. Others prefer this while some don’t because it can be costly on your electricity bill. 

Raise Your House Permanently

If none of the ways available is helping, or if you want to prevent groundwater flooding, you can choose to raise your house permanently. Just remember that this is the most expensive option and can cost you a lot.

The overall process will involve building a new and higher foundation. The contractors will recommend lifting your house above the flood zone, ultimately making the option a permanent and the best solution to groundwater flooding.

Homeowners are also taking advantage of this choice because once they decide to sell the house, they can easily attract buyers as the house is above the flood zone.


The tips we shared with you should be your last line of defense against groundwater intrusion in your home. When protecting your home from groundwater floods, you must decide between a temporary solution and a preventative and permanent solution. This will safeguard not only your home and valuables but also those you live with the most.

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