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The Possible Effects of Water Damage in a Home by the Hours


Water damage is a common problem in homes. Whether due to a leaky pipe or a flooded basement, water damage is not to be set aside, primarily because of the issues that may arise in the long run. Therefore, looking at the effects of water damage in a home by the hour is vital in understanding how urgently homeowners should call a restoration company for help.

1. First 24 Hours

When water damage hits your home, it is essential to act fast and immediately contact an emergency restoration company. The sooner the company begins the water damage restoration process, the lesser the potential issues it can cause on your home.

After the water leak has been noticed, the first 24 hours are crucial. According to the experts, the first hour after seeing water damage is the most important because the damage is still minimal, and the wooden parts of the home are still good. However, after this period, the wooden parts of the house will start to deteriorate.

2. 48 Hours

After the first 24 hours, the airflow in your home will change drastically. The water can easily retain humidity within the air and will cause significant damage to the wooden parts of your home. According to the experts, this is when restoration should be done at the soonest time possible.

3. A Week Later

After a week, the wooden parts of your home will be very vulnerable. The water can easily reach the details of your home that are known to be very difficult to dry. For example, if the leak is in the basement, the humidity can easily reach the parts of your home that are on the higher floors. Restoration should also commence as soon as possible to lessen the damage done to the house.

4. A Few Weeks Later

The damage will increase significantly a few weeks after the water damage happens. It can result in the imminent collapse of your home. In addition, mold may start to grow in the affected areas that were not dried on time. If the source of the leak is not addressed and it is left there, the water can easily seep into the walls and floors of your home.

5. First Month

After the first month, the cleanup should occur, but you will also have to check the affected areas of your home. You should also check the areas that were not affected by the water damage because the water can seep through the walls and floors and go to the parts of your home on the higher floors.

Benefits of Calling Restoration Companies ASAP

Once you have noticed water damage in your home, you should contact a restoration company as soon as possible. They will provide you with the services you need to properly seal the affected areas of your home and clean the water from your home.

They will also provide you with temporary carpets to replace the ones affected by the water damage. When you call the restoration company ASAP, you can ensure that the damage will be reduced to the minimum.


Water damage can happen in any home, no matter what the home’s structure is. Thus, homeowners should always be prepared and call a restoration company as soon as possible. The longer the water takes to dry, the more damage to the home.

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