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SOS Wet Carpet Discovered?

wet carpet

Did you just discover wet carpet in your home or office building?

It is not the best feeling but, here are a few things to keep in mind when you do discover the wet carpet caused by water damage.

Key things to know about water damage:

  • The sooner you call a professional to come out and dry the water damage, the less likely mold growth will occur.
  • A big mistake people can make is to allow their possessions to sit in the water. If an important picture is submersed in water save it ASAP!
  • Turn off the water source as soon as possible to minimize damage and the amount of water.

Water damage in the Salt Lake City area should be addressed by a professional. Especially in the case of a sewer backup, washer overflow or pipe bursting. Professionals are the only ones with the proper training in mitigation. An expert will not miss the things that need to be addressed and fixed.

What specifies an expert?

  • Years of Experience- the amount of years a company has been doing disaster restoration can be a good indication if they are an expert or not.
  • Certifications- IICRC stands for The Institution of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. They offer educational courses for the water damage restoration industry.
  • Professionalism- Because you are allowing a company to enter your home you need to assure you will be in good hands with a professional company. Professional restoration companies will cater to your personal needs while properly handling the mitigation.