West Valley City Disaster Restoration Services

The Disaster Restoration Team You Can Trust

For disaster restoration, cleanup and remediation services, West Valley City residents have placed their trust in AAA Restoration for more than two decades.

We specialize in remediating flood, fire, mold and biohazards, and restoring your home or business to like-new condition. As a trusted expert in the disaster restoration industry, our goal is to take as much stress as possible off your shoulders.

We are also a licensed general contractor, and we offer a full suite of residential and commercial building services, including wholesale flooring sales and installation, in addition to our disaster restoration services.

Mold Testing, Remediation & Restoration

Whenever mold spores grow indoors, it can create a health hazard for the building’s occupants. Allergies, asthma and a host of acute and chronic conditions can result.

AAA Restoration specializes in mold testing and threat assessment, as well as advanced remediation and restoration services. Our advanced tools and techniques help restore your home or commercial building to the safe indoor environment free of odors and airborne toxins that it once was.

We contain the affected area, remove the mold and then treat the space to ensure the problem does not recur. Next, our team will set about the process of restoring every detail.

Water Damage Restoration in West Valley City

The quicker we can clean up and remediate water damage, the better, because flooding almost immediately causes harmful bacteria and mold growth. Putting us on the job of cleaning up after a flood is also the best way to minimize the level of restoration you will need once remediation and cleanup are done.

The AAA Restoration technicians quickly extract all standing water and residual moisture. We clean and sanitize any contaminated areas and test them to determine whether any hazardous mold spores remain.

Once we complete the remediation phase, we work with you to determine what restoration services you need. We provide you with a comprehensive estimate so you can get your insurance company everything they need to approve your claim.


Smoke & Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

As if having a fire at your home or business weren’t bad enough, most fires also lead to water damage, as a result of fighting the fire. This means you may need remediation and disaster restoration for smoke, fire and water damage.

The AAA Restoration team of fire remediation experts understands how overwhelming this can be. Rest assured that our advanced knowledge, equipment and techniques give us the ability to put your home or business back together so you can get your life back on track quickly.

When you trust the AAA Restoration team for your disaster remediation and restoration, you benefit from our expert skills and advanced technology. More important, you experience the depth of our compassion and commitment to your unconditional satisfaction.

We respond immediately to your needs and you can reach us at any hour, 365 days a year. You can also call on us for all your construction needs, no matter how large or how small your project may be.

Contact the AAA team today for a cost estimate on your West Valley City construction project, or to request emergency disaster restoration services.