American Fork Water Damage Restoration

AAA restoration is American Fork’s resident expert on disaster restoration for fire, flood, and mold remediation!

You never know when disaster can strike, which is why we are available 24/7 to address any kind of emergency. Whether it comes in the form of a flooding bathroom, a mold infestation, or fire damage, we’ve got your back.

The AAA team is committed to providing exceptional service and is driven by unconditional customer satisfaction. Whatever your problem or project may be, we can handle it with expertise and efficiency.

American Fork Water Damage Restoration

A devastating weather event can make your home or business vulnerable to the residual mixture, which can cause your construction materials to deteriorate and mold to grow. But, not to worry; we’ve got exactly what you need to avoid further damages!

Our specialists are equipped with the latest technology for flood and water damage removal, as well as advanced products and techniques in order to extract the water successfully. You can be sure that there will be no chance of mold and bacteria contaminating your property.

American Fork Mold Inspection and Removal

Don’t let mold and bacteria turn your property into an unhealthy environment! AAA Restoration will ensure that the immune system of you and your family will not be compromised.

Our team will conduct a mold inspection through surface and air testing to identify hazardous substances. Through our mold restoration services, you can rest assured that the area will return to its pre-contaminated state.

Restoration Company American Fork, Utah

We are a fully licensed and insured general contractor, so you can be assured that we can provide a full range of commercial and residential services. Leave it to us to handle all the details, from flooring to disaster restoration.

AAA Restoration understands the importance of immediate action. Let our skilled team address your disaster restoration needs! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.