Alpine Water Damage and Flood Removal Solutions

AAA Restoration is committed to exceptional results and customer service, ensuring that you gain value in whatever services you need. We offer you various solutions, all of which are designed to help restore your homes and properties into their former glory, particularly after disasters.

Our fully licensed general contractors in Alpine, Utah offer you the chance to restore and remediate your property, and the service doesn’t only encompass a single task—we also offer sales and installation services. This makes the overall process convenient on your end, especially after an emotional experience. Enjoy the following services, done by our best Alpine team:

Alpine Water Damage and Flood Removal Solutions

Disasters can strike at any moment, and the majority of these disasters happen due to devastating weather events. Others can come in the form of fire and plumbing failures, which can lead your home or business to suffer from indoor flood or standing water. Unfortunately, this can eventually lead to damages, as water can easily permeate various surfaces, including the walls, floors, and other areas.

To help prevent the further spread of damage, AAA technicians will come in full gear, topped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment needed to extract every drop of water from the area. The drying process will follow suit, which will end with disinfection to rid of any mold and bacteria that may be present.

Alpine Mold Damage Remediation Services

Water damage could result in not only irreversible destruction, but the growth of mold and bacteria. The presence of these microbes can cause your home or property to suffer from unhealthy environments, and all inhabitants can fall sick and suffer from various respiratory conditions and other chronic ailments.

To help combat these microbial growths, our professionals will conduct surface and air testing, just to gauge the extent of the infestation. Should a hazardous contaminant be identified, a compressive clean-up plan will be created and implemented. We’ll make sure your home stays safe and microbe-free.

Utah Restoration Companies And Wholesale Flooring

As part of our comprehensive Alpine restoration solutions, we also offer you a range of commercial and residential general contracting services. All these will be conducted by our fully licensed and insured general contractor, who will be tasked with taking care of your dream home needs.

We also offer you a wholesale flooring showroom and design center, which has been made to enhance your purchasing experience. Simply sift through a plethora of tile, wood, carpet, and vinyl flooring choices, and we’ll handle the rest.