What To Do When Your Home is Flooded with Rain Water
What To Do When Your Home is Flooded with Rain Water
May 3, 2018
In Flood Restoration, Will You Need New Floor Coverings?
With Flood Restoration, Will You Need New Floor Coverings?
May 23, 2018
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Pressure Washing Does More than Just Clean the Dirt


Summer is great, but it’s dirty. Before you know it, mud, pollen, mildew and the greasy film from air pollution can cover everything in sight. Sometimes, increasing your curb appeal means investing in a little wash. Professional pressure washing cleans your surroundings, can solve problems such as remove flaking or blistered paint, and creates a healthier environment for the family.

Clean, Disinfect and Restore

If your home’s exterior looks a little dingy, it’s time to bring out the big guns — or hoses. Pressure washing cleans up walkways, driveways, and fences efficiently. Mildew, mold, dirt and grime are all things that can be removed easily from these surfaces by power washing. Pressure washing also extends the life of your exteriors.

A good pressure washing job uses more than just a spray to clean dirty spots. Our team also uses special cleansers, soaps, and chemicals to thoroughly disinfect surfaces. Our power washing restores sidings, decks, and sidewalks to their original condition.

Some of the common surfaces we wash include:

  • Home exteriors
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Brick walls
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings

Trust an Expert

Pressure washing involves more than just pointing a hose at the dirt. It can be tricky to master the washer; if you’re not careful, you might cause damage to your home. The force created by a pressure washer is so powerful that it dislodges deeply ingrained dirt in those impossible to reach areas. Many people think this is something they can “easily” accomplish by simply placing their thumb over the end of a garden hose to increase the pressure of the water being discharged. Although this does at times work, there is much more to power washing than what is originally perceived. Trying to juggle a pressure washer atop a ladder to reach high places also puts your life at risk.

Instead of reaching dangerous and hard-to-reach areas, leave the job to us. Our professional pressure washers possess years of experience in keeping their footing. They know their way around slippery or high locations and since safety is always a priority, we use the safest equipment while working.

For professional services, call AAA Restoration today and schedule an appointment.