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January 1, 2018
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Factors in Water Damage Restoration Pricing

Bursting Pipes and Leaking Water in Home

Home Interior Water leaking damage for background

If your home or business has undergone significant water damage, one of your first and most obvious questions will be about what it will cost to have water removal and restoration services performed. At AAA Restoration, we’re proud to provide water damage restoration services at fair, transparent prices.

Like all restoration companies, our pricing will depend in large part on several factors related to the scope of the overall damage. Let’s look at these important factors and how they might impact the costs you can expect to face.

Loss Category and Extent of Damage

The most important factor in many water damage situations is the category of the loss. There are three categories of water loss:

  • Clean water: Contains little to no contamination, often from a broken tap, pipe or hose. This is the easiest and safest water to remove.
  • Grey water: Water with contamination, often from broken appliances. Comes with health risks, and while many items can be saved, carpet pads cannot.
  • Black water: Extremely contaminated water that can cause major health issues, often from sewers or river runoff. All porous materials damaged by black water generally can’t be saved.

In addition, we’ll need to look at how much water is involved in the total loss.

Size of Area and Surfaces Affected

The total square footage of the damaged area will also play a role – this includes floors, walls and ceilings. A loss on an upper floor will often impact lower floors as well.

Length of Time

In addition, the amount of time the water damage sat in place can have a big effect. Clean and grey water can degrade to black water over time, depending on the temperature of the room. More time passing also means a higher chance of mold, which can begin to grow within 48 hours.

Equipment Required

Finally, the equipment we’ll need to use for restoration can play a big role. In some cases, we may only need basic fans, but in others, we may need more involved technology and manpower.

For more on the expected costs of restoration, or to learn more about any of our services, speak to the pros at AAA Restoration today.