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August 14, 2018
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Clogged Dryer Vents and House Fires


Imagine waking up to see that your house is on fire and then finding out later the fire could have been easily prevented by simply having your dryer vents cleaned out. Lint and debris can build up in your dryer hose and vent duct, reducing air flow, backing up exhaust gases and eventually creating a fire. These hazards can be avoided by having your dryer vent professionally cleaned.

Here are a few signs that you may need to get your dryer vent cleaned:

1. Drying time for clothes takes longer and longer.

When a dryer vent is clogged, the drying cycle can double or triple in time. You’ll notice that clothes are not completely dry at the end of a regular cycle. If your vent is blocked by lint, the air will stay in your dryer keeping your clothes hot and moist. And when it takes twice as long to dry clothes, your dryer runs longer, putting more wear and tear on it and therefore cutting the machine’s life in half.

2. You notice a burning smell.

When you run your dryer do you smell a burning odor? Lint, which is very flammable, can build up in the exhaust tube, lint trap and even in the drum casing. If it gets too hot, it can catch on fire, causing a burning smell. Make sure to empty the lint trap often to help with this issue and if the smell persists, be sure to contact AAA Restoration to have your dryer vents cleaned.

3. The vent hood flap doesn’t open properly.

A visual red flag that you’re due for a cleaning is that you can see lint or debris around the dryer hose or outside vent opening. Also if the duct hood flap does not open as it is designed to do, that may be a problem. An outside vent that doesn’t open when the dryer is running means air flow has been restricted due to lint buildup.

Clothes Dryer Fire Statistics

According to the National Fire Protection Association, from 2010-2014 nearly 16,000 home clothes dryer fires were reported. These clothes dryer fires cause around 13 deaths, 440 injuries, and $238 million in property loss. Unsurprisingly, the leading cause of these fires, at 31%, is the failure to clean dryer vents.

Most people don’t really think about getting the vents of their dryer cleaned. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits to removing dryer vent clogs. The benefits of getting your dryer vents cleaned include saving time, saving energy, extending the life of your dryer, eliminating issues of allergens, preventing poisoning from carbon monoxide and fire safety.

Save Tons of Time

When it takes more than a single cycle to get a load completely dry, your dryer vent line may be clogged. This ends up in longer time spent getting your clothing to dry. When you contact AAA Restoration to clear the clogs in your dryer, this results in your machine running more efficiently. Your clothes then end up dry in just one cycle.

Save Energy

When the vent line of your dryer is clogged by lint, the running time will have a tendency to increase. You may not even notice what is happening. To maximize energy and efficiency, annual vent cleaning is highly recommended. You end up saving money and you can get the job done in half the time.

Extend the Life of Your Dryer

If your dryer is taking more than one cycle to dry a single laundry load, you can think there is something wrong with the machine. The culprit is usually accumulated lint in the vents of the dryer that cause the dryer to work less efficiently. Clogging in the dryer vents result in a shorter dryer lifespan. On the other hand, when you maintain the vents of your dryer properly, this helps your machine work at maximum performance and helps in extending the life of your dryer.

Get Rid of Allergens

Your dryer is supposed to completely eliminate moisture in the process of drying your clothing. When your clothes are still damp after a full cycle this can produce allergens. When you have a buildup of lint in your dryer, this can cause allergens growth and dryer vent leaks.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention

When you have a gas dryer that is not properly maintained, poisoning by carbon monoxide becomes a risk. Fumes can get into your home and create a risk of getting poisoned by carbon monoxide. To keep your family and your home safe from poisoning, we recommend getting your dryer vents cleaned properly. Clean dryer vents result in better ventilation and remove the hazards that dirty vents create.

Fire Safety and Dryer Vents

The most common ignition source is dryer lint. Electric and gas dryers are equal as fire hazards. The vent line can start accumulating lint even in energy efficient machines. Call AAA Restoration to have us clean your dryer vent and protect yourself from a fire.

You can do your part as a homeowner to prevent a dryer fire taking place in your home. Even if your dryer seems to be running fine right now, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Call AAA Restoration to have your dryer vent cleaned.