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Why It May Be Dangerous to DIY Mold Removal

cleaning of room wall from mold with brush

cleaning of room wall from mold with metal brush

Moisture from a leaky roof, damaged windows, or even wet firewood can promote mold growth. Besides being unsightly, molds can cause allergies, infections, and breathing problems. Some signs of a mold problem include a strong, musty smell, recurring colds, and dark spots on walls. 

Tacking a mold problem on your own may be tempting, but addressing this issue requires more than just performing a simple cleaning task. Here are some reasons why mold damage is best handled by professionals:

Mold Must Be Precisely Located and Identified

Mold thrives in moist environments. Potential sources of this excess moisture are spills, bathrooms, leaking pipes, and humidity. Eliminating this moisture is the best way to get rid of mold. Unfortunately, locating the source of the problem is challenging, especially if the trouble spots are hidden and difficult to access.

Besides locating the cause of mold, you have to identify the type of mold you are dealing with. Since some of them are more dangerous than others, it’s best to seek professional help who can handle this task. Seeking mold inspection service can determine the exact type and severity of mold outbreak. Unlike the average homeowner, experts are trained to determine how to exactly eradicate the mold problem.

Mold Is Dangerous to Clean

Mold problems are not something that you can simply sweep under the rug. In fact, attempting to clean mold on your own means risking your and your loved ones’ health. Mold spores irritate the respiratory system and cause watery eyes, sneezing, and runny nose. If you have family members with compromised immune systems, they are at greater risk of mold exposure-related illnesses.

As mentioned above, different types of mold require unique proper cleaning methods. If you don’t have the right cleaning tools or don’t know the appropriate cleaning techniques, it can do more harm than good when mold spores become airborne. To prevent this problem, rely on professional mold removal services.

Mold removal experts can nip the problem at its bud. Besides locating and identifying mold, they will perform a more thorough cleanup to ensure a mold outbreak won’t happen again. 

Mold Can Become a Recurring Problem

There’s no guarantee that DIY mold removal methods can effectively eliminate mold for good. Simply scrubbing mold with soap and water or spraying it with mold-killing products will eventually cause it to come back and even spread. These DIY strategies can even make the mold problem worse, especially if mold spores are sent airborne. 

It’s advisable to work with a professional mold removal company. They have knowledge, skills, and equipment to contain the mold and completely get rid of mold spores. Additionally, they will suggest tips to prevent potential mold regrowth.


Getting rid of mold permanently requires more than just buying a pair of gloves and cleaning products and learning how to do DIY through video tutorials and how-to guides. After all, not all home remedies can effectively fix your mold problem. Address the issue from the get-go instead by contacting mold remediation experts of spending more money, wasting time, and even risking your and your family’s health. 

At AAA Restoration, we offer mold abatement in Salt Lake City. Our technicians are equipped with tools and knowledge to find the source of the mold problem and eliminate the spores completely. If you suspect a mold infestation in your property, contact us for a mold inspection and removal!