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What To Do if an Employee Tests Positive For Coronavirus / COVID-19

Commercial Coronavirus Cleaning Service in Utah

Utah Coronavirus Cleanup Services and COVID-19 Decontamination

As the rise in positive cases of employee’s test positive for Coronavirus it is vital to protect yourself, customers, and other employees from catching the virus.

If you know someone in your company has tested positive or has been sick for a prolonged period of time, you may wonder how do you protect yourself and your company from this deadly virus. The answer is simple; ensure you have the right protections in place with your insurance policy and immediately call for a professional decontamination cleaning for your business office or warehouse. As a business, it is your legal liability to protect customers and employees by ensuring that the right steps are taken to safeguard them from this outbreak.

The term, “Coronavirus” is used to describe a group of diseases caused by a single strain of the Coronavirus that includes more than 200 different strains. Unlike other viruses, Coronavirus is known to be highly contagious, and the most recent strain COVID-19 can turn into a dangerous disease. This is why even if the test results from the Employee Tests for Coronavirus are negative the first time, you must still take precautionary measures to protect your company. 

“Coronavirus” is a very contagious virus, it is essential to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all your employees, regardless if you have an individual test positive or not for Coronavirus. If your employees are merely in contact with someone who has COVID-19 and then in contact with one another, it is possible for the virus to spread. 

Contacting a Utah Coronavirus Cleaning Service like AAA Restoration is a step in the right direction use high-quality industrial decontaminants and detergents that are environmentally friendly to clean your space and kill the virus on surfaces. 

If your employees are working in rooms where there is constant exposure to aerosols or other sources of infectious aerosols, you should take steps to prevent your employees from coming into contact with these aerosols as much as possible. Your employees should use protective masks, preferably N95 or higher class and industrial or medical grade gowns. 

If your employees test positive for Coronavirus, it is best to have new garments specially designed for your employees that are provided by the company for use.

If an employee tests positive for Coronavirus, they must have the proper insurance to cover their medical expenses and also worker’s compensation insurance. With worker’s compensation insurance, there are protections against loss of wages and other medical costs that may occur as a result of the illness. We also recommend strong business insurance policies to cover you from liability and losses for decontamination cleaning and loss of revenue from closure. 

Lastly, should one of your workers test positive for Coronavirus, you must provide them with appropriate time off for rest, and recommend them to meet with their doctor or ER immediately for medications or treatment.

Though the risk of contagion is not quantifiable yet, there is always the strong possibility that you may become infected with this highly contagious virus, and therefore, you should take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your employees at the first opportunity.

If your home or business needs a Salt Lake City, Utah Coronavirus Cleaning Company, or a COVID-19 Decontamination Service, be sure to call a licensed professional like AAA Restoration immediately.