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March 24, 2020
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4 Tips on What to Do When Water Damage Occurs in Your Home

Water Damage Restoration and Water Extraction Salt Lake

Whenever water damage occurs in your home, the next actions you take and how fast you do them will ultimately influence the extent of the accident. Although you can take preventive measures to protect your home against water damage, unforeseen events can render them useless. Because of that, it is crucial to be informed so that you know what to do. 

In this article, we’ll tell share with you four necessary measures that are essential in minimizing the water damage extent.   

1. Act fast and turn off utilities

For safety reasons, turn off your gas and electricity lines before attempting anything. This is because electricity can cause electrocution, while gas can accumulate when surrounded by pockets of water to cause an explosion when exposed to a source of heat. 

Since the flooded area of your house might contain fungus, black water, or lead seepage, be sure to wear protective clothing, such as gloves and boots, when turning your utilities off. In doing so, you effectively minimize possible adverse reactions, such as allergies and skin irritation.

2. Determine if the structural integrity of your home is still stable

Water can severely alter the durability of your home’s foundation and cause it to collapse. This is where a quick and initial assessment to check the structural soundness of your home can prevent any uncalculated dangers. 

Pay close attention to wooden structures since these are more absorbent than concrete and other materials, and are more prone to collapsing. After determining the structural integrity of your home, immediately call a home disaster service to conduct a flood damage repair to help with your house clean-up and repair.  

3. Call for professional back-up  

Professionals help you recover quickly from water damage. The added benefits of hiring one include the set-up of extra preventive measures in case future water damage occurs. Because of that, you’ll have an extra sense of security to face the unknown future.

Flood damage repair services have the proper equipment, tools, experience, and training to save your space from moisture and prevent unwanted mold and mildew growth. Their advance equipment can remove the unwanted volume of water flooding your property within minutes. 

4. Remove essential items from the flooded area

Know that professionals take time to arrive and prepare to combat the water damage. During the waiting period, you need to remove essential items out of the water. Ensure that your wet things are in a dry, sunny area to increase the rate of evaporation of moisture. If the weather is unfavorable, ask help from neighbors for temporary shelter for your damp items.

Take note that you need to ensure whether or not the structural integrity of the flooded area is still capable of supporting the weight of your house. Otherwise, don’t proceed. If everything is well, you should still enter with extreme caution. 

Conclusion, use a water removal expert and save yourself time and money!

Often times your insurance will even cover the costs of a flood or water extraction service.

Handling water damage at home can be stressful, but working with professionals will help ease the burden from your shoulders. It is better to call a home disaster service when the accident is still minimal to avoid more significant complications. Remember to remain calm and level-headed because your home and our family need you to make vital decisions during critical moments. Also, it is crucial to perform the documentation for insurance claims after the flood. 

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