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Get a Big Impact from Your Small Kitchen Remodel

small kitchen upgrade

Do you find that your kitchen is becoming a bit outdated and needs a facelift? The kitchen can be the heart of your household. The kitchen is not only where we cook, but where our family and friends gather. Memories are made, great conversations with loved ones are had, and early morning meals and late night snacks all happen in this common area on your home.

If the kitchen in your home is in need of a remodel, here are a few professional tips on how to spruce up your kitchen and make a big impact.

1. Update the Cabinets

Older style, bulky cabinets can really close in a kitchen and make it feel small. Depending on the type of cabinets already in your home, sometimes a new coat of paint or new hardware can immediately change the entire look of your kitchen. Sometimes, however, the cabinets you have just don’t work for the look you want. New cabinets can be a bit pricey but can really make the most of your kitchen remodel.

2. Open the Windows

Letting natural light in is one of the best ways to brighten up your kitchen. Natural light can make your kitchen look more inviting and can create an illusion that your kitchen is larger than it is in reality. Also, keeping your windows as simple as possible, no curtains, drapes, blinds or clutter around them, can help open up that space.

3. Add an Island

Small kitchens are known for having limited counter space and minimal storage. When updating your kitchen, an island can solve both of those problems. Adding an island gives you extra counter space to work with, can include drawers to store items in and can also provide an additional seating area when you add a few stools.

4. Replace the Flooring

The kitchen is likely a high traffic area in your home. Wear and tear on floors can make your kitchen feel old and dirty. New flooring can help with this issue. There are tons of available options that can fit into your budget when remodeling your kitchen. At AAA Restoration, we have a full flooring department complete with many different options for you to choose from when considering a new kitchen floor.

If you feel that your kitchen just might need a bit of a wake-up, AAA Restoration is here to help. We are a licensed general contractor that can help you through every step of your remodel. Call today and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff to get your kitchen remodel started.