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Asbestos Removal – Determining Your Budget

Asbestos Removal Salt Lake Utah

The last thing you want is to discover asbestos in your home. If the need arises, you will require asbestos removal services to ensure a safer home environment for everyone.

Asbestos removal costs vary from location to location. Also, the different processes involved may cause the price to fluctuate. For example, since asbestos testing in Salt Lake City sits between $200–$800, the cost for a homeowner in Utah may be different for someone in another state.

Other factors can also contribute to the total budget for the project. For example, purchasing a testing kit can have a significant impact on the affordability of the service. Testing kits will be relatively inexpensive, albeit being inaccurate.

Below are some ways that will help in determining how much you’ll spend for asbestos removal:

1. Account for costs per area

Your local asbestos removal company will charge depending area size and ease of accessibility. In general, you could expect to pay at least $20–$30 per square foot.

Homeowners may discover asbestos in their ceilings which is difficult to reach. For ceilings, you can expect a higher cost. That said, asbestos removal for walls will cost more as these typically have a larger amount of asbestos. For your reference, treating a 1,000-square-foot house may cost around $11,000 or more.

2. Factor in the cost of labor and materials

Obviously there is labor of the workers when you hire an asbestos abatement. The materials they will need should be prepared and supplied. But that doesn’t mean you have to directly buy the materials including the tools and equipment. These items will most likely be included in the quote from the removal company.

In an estimate, the cost of materials and equipment sits around $450–$500. Labor costs for a typical abatement may sit in the range of $75–$80 per hour per specialist. Also, the disposal of the asbestos materials will add additional costs, which may go as much as $50 per cubic yard.

3. Consider legal restrictions

Testing for asbestos may be different from one city to another in terms of regulations. In Salt Lake City, the restrictions aren’t as stern, aside from paying permit fees that sit between $50–$100 per project. As such, you want to check the restrictions in your area and how much you may be accountable for.

Considering legal restrictions is also important as these can be hidden charges that can significantly increase the total cost for your entire asbestos removal project in Utah.


Asbestos removal is not inexpensive, but there are various ways to prepare for such costs. Nevertheless, it’s important to ensure that you’re not skimping on the price as you’ll be putting you and your housemates’ health at risk. By considering the above factors, you can guarantee that you’re ready for the expenses of a project that will keep the members of the household safe.

We provide asbestos testing and removal services in Salt Lake City. As experts in home restoration, you can rely on us for a quick and safe abatement process – contact us now!

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