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July 8, 2015
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Words to Know When It Comes To Flooding In Your Home

water damage from flooding

Water damage is a stressful thing that can become even more stressful when you might not understand the industry “lingo”. We are going to breakdown words you should know when making a claim on a water damage.

  • Mitigation: the action of reducing damage. When used in industry terminology it is often associated with water damages.
  • Delamination: when building material splits apart into layers.
  • Wicking: moisture movement. An example of how this term would be used: the water is wicking into the drywall.
  • Buckle: buckling drywall appears to be a buckle or wide ridge. This occurs when drywall is exposed to water.
  • Warp: when drywall is exposed to water for prolonged periods of time it tends to lose shape and warp.
  • Water Extraction: the process from taking water from any source.
  • Deductible: the amount that must be paid out of pocket before an insurance company will pay any expenses.
  • Mildew: musky smell.
  • Freezer less faucet: often causes water damages due to the outside water faucet.
  • Xactimate: Xactimate is a computer estimating software used in the industry. It
  • Contents: this is an insurance term used to refer to your personal belongings (ex. Furniture, pictures, rugs, clothing)
  • Sprinkler Flooding: a common reason for water damages in homes.
  • Foundation Leaks: another common reason for water damages in basements.

If you have any additional questions on water damage terminology do not hesitate to give us a call. We are here to help you in any way possible. We understand the importance of communication throughout the claims process. Which is why we work with all insurance companies to ensure that the process goes as smooth as possible for you.