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Useful Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim After Home Flooding

water damges

Even after the water has stopped flooding your home, you still aren’t in the clear. As you’re working on dehumidifying, drying and airing out your property, you’ll also want to inform your homeowner’s insurance provider of your predicament in order that your finances don’t go dry. Learn how to file an insurance claim the right way to improve your chances of claim approval.

Act Fast

While you may still have wet carpet, it’s best to put it aside for a moment while you get in touch with your insurance provider. Be sure you tell them everything that happened as well as where and how you can be reached, which is especially important if you aren’t staying at your home while the flood damage is taken care of. Pay close attention to the instructions you’re given in regards to the adjuster handling your claim, information required for your claim and the forms you need to fill out.

Make a List

It’s best that you inventory your possessions before a disaster such as a flood strikes, but you can take pictures and notes of your possessions that were damaged in the flood. Be sure to note the condition of the item, the day it was purchased, it’s overall value and how badly it was damaged in the flood. The reason it’s best to make note of your possessions before a flood, fire or other disaster is because you might not be able to do so should those items become lost. It’s hard to document your favorite golf clubs for reimbursement if they were swept away by the floodwaters.

Start the Cleanup Process

As soon as you can, start cleaning up all flood damage. Acting fast goes a long way in preventing mold, mildew and avoidable damage that results from residential flooding. You should also document the damage done to your home and personal property.

There’s a lot involved with recovering after a flood. Take steps to minimize your headache and maximize your claim.