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Selecting the Right Contractor


Tis’ the season for remodeling. With spring in full force the sun seems to gives us the motivation to revamp, renovate and remodel our homes. One of the most important steps in the remodeling process is selecting the right contractor.

Here are a few things to be aware of when selecting that perfect candidate:

  • Licensing: check to see what type of licensing, insurance and accreditations the contractor has.
  • Experience: how much experience does the contractor or their company have? You are hiring them to be the expert so, ensure they have the proper amount of experience to handle anything they might come across throughout your project.
  • Get Bids: be sure to call around. Get the feel for the companies that you are in contact with. You want the culture of the company to be professional, timely and attentive because that will help to make your project simpler. Getting a few bids will give you an estimated price point.
  • Think Beyond the Price: lower price can sometimes mean lower quality. You do not want a contractor that is going to cut corners. You are buying a service not a good. Look closely at the different bids during the selection process. Ask questions if there are any ambiguous areas on the estimates. Remember you are hiring them and they want to give you the best service possible. This will also allow you to get a feel for how well you work with them.
  • Reputation: do a simple Google search. See what others have to say about the contractor. If the search does not give you enough insight as for additional recommendations from previous customers.
  • Organization: be mindful of the organization of the company. What type of documentation do they give you? Make sure they are having you sign a detailed contract. Also, be sure to read and fully understand what the contract states. Ask for estimated timelines and to be communicated with if those timelines are to change.
  • Communication: remember you will be in contact with this contractor throughout the entire process of your project. Be sure that you communicate well with them since that will guarantee you understand what you are getting out of the project and that you understand what variables to expect during that process.

In conclusion, remodeling is exciting! Be sure that you hire the right contractor to safeguard this experience.