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5 Safety Tips When Decorating for the Holidays

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With Christmas nearing, you know what that means—it’s time to bust out the lights and share in the holiday cheer! Although the cold weather is plenty enough to indicate the coming holiday, there’s nothing like decorations to get people in the celebratory spirit.  

Lights are perhaps among the most common decorations for the holidays—and with good reason. From twinkling stars and shooting comets to sparkling icicles and glowing Santa Clauses, lights create a wonderful atmosphere that helps Christmas magic happen.

However, while it’s always fun to light up your home, you must keep in mind the possibility of starting a fire. They are a wonderful addition to your decorations, but they can be the cause of a fire if you’re not careful!

If you don’t want to have to call for fire restoration services and to ruin your holiday, follow these tips to decorate your home with Christmas lights and how to avoid fires:

Use Good Quality Lights

When decorating your home with Christmas lights, you want to make sure they are quality lights. This not only will ensure they work when you want them to, but it also will make sure they don’t break and that they don’t overheat. Good quality lights will also make sure the bulbs last longer.

Choose the Right Extension Cords

Extension cords connect lights that are not placed near an outlet. Although extension cords can help those in hard-to-reach spots light up for Christmas, you should use them only with quality Christmas lights.

As with the lights themselves, you should use extension cords rated for outdoor use. This will ensure that they are made to last longer and perform better. You also should use only heavy-duty extension cords. All cords should be UL-approved.

Avoid Running Over Extension Cords

If you have a large home, you might have quite a few extension cords that lead to the plug. However, you should try to keep the cords as tidy as possible. If you are concerned about extension cords being tripped over, consider putting them under the rug or covering them with decorative bows.

Use Electrical Tape to Cover Exposed Wire

When using extension cords, you might notice the cable coming from the light end is exposed. If this is the case, you should use tape to cover the exposed wire. Electrical tape is the best option, but you can also consider using a cloth or fabric ribbon to cover the wire. The tape or ribbon should be secure and not come off easily.

Vacuum Your Extension Cords

Although covering the exposed wire is a good option, you should consider vacuuming the cords and keeping the home clean. This will ensure the cables are free from dust and dirt, which will make it less likely they will spark. 


While they are lovely decorations—and fun to have—Christmas lights can pose a fire risk if you are not careful with them. If you want to avoid suffering from fire damage and keep your home safe, follow our simple tips! When you exercise caution, you’re sure to enjoy your holiday lights without any worries.

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