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Ice Damming

Does your home have ice damming?

Ice damming can be a scary topic. Even with knowledge about what an ice dam is and with the proper preventative measures sometimes they are not enough to protect your roof. Here are a few things that you should know about why ice damming happens and how you can mitigate the damages from it.


First of all, you might be asking yourself, what exactly is ice damming?

Ice dams may form when water from melting snow freezes to the point that it turns into ice at the edge of your roof-line. Without proper attention and removal that ice could potentially prevent melting snow from properly draining off of your roof, causing it to back up underneath your shingles and make its way into your home. Living in Utah, ice dams are very common.

Ice damming can be very dangerous and needs to be addressed ASAP! The ice can either fall off or hit objects. While inspecting it, surfaces can be very slippery. Use ladders with caution and understand the risks you are taking while dealing with ice dams and slippery winter conditions.

If you are concerned if you have ice damming call a professional to get some advice/estimates. Or if you know that you have it and are looking to get rid of it be sure to call a professional today for a free estimate. Our experienced estimators at AAA Restoration can help prevent any further damage from occurring.