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How to Choose a Water Damage Restoration Contractor in Utah

Water Damage Restoration Contractor

Choosing the right water damage restoration contractor to remediate a disaster at your Utah home or business poses a challenge for two primary reasons.


The first is that you have dozens of disaster restoration contractors to choose from in the northern Utah area. But even more challenging, you will have to make this decision during a time of overwhelming stress and adversity.

In the wake of fire, flood or another type of disaster, it could be tempting to make a hurried decision, so you can focus on the challenges at hand. However, unless you do just a little bit of due diligence — and ask a few important questions — you could end up with an unqualified or unscrupulous water damage remediation contractor.

Is the Water Restoration Contractor Licensed & Certified?

In Utah, disaster restoration contractors must be duly licensed with the Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing. Although it will take a few minutes, checking the status of a license is important for your protection. Contractors must also carry the proper types of insurance, including liability coverage. Ask for proof of insurance. Unethical contractors won’t hesitate to tell you they’re covered when they are not.

And, although no state or federal law requires it, look for a flood restoration contractor that carries industry certification for their work. Specifically, ask if the company is certified by the IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC establishes professional standards, ethics and practices for the inspection, cleaning and restoration service industries.

Any contractor can buy water extraction and dehumidification equipment without having the skills and experience to perform remediation work safely and correctly. If the company has IICRC certification, however, you can rest assured that they are more than qualified to do the work.

What Services Does the Flood Damage Contractor Offer?

Some damage remediation contractors only handle certain aspects of the work. For example, many contractors only do water extraction and related emergency services. They have the resources to respond quickly and remediate the damage, but once that work is complete, they can’t help you any further.

Other contractors are only equipped to handle the restoration aspects of the project and lack the resources to handle other emergency services.

To avoid having to juggle multiple contractors for this important work, you may want to choose a water damage remediation company that can handle your entire project, no matter how extensive the damage.

Does the Water Damage Remediation Company Have an Established History?

A company that has been in business in your local area for years — or even decades — usually means they’re serving their customers well. Take the time to check their customer reviews and testimonials too, to see how others feel about their services.

Finally, ask what type of service guarantee they offer. A licensed contractor must warranty their work in Utah, but if the company guarantees full customer satisfaction, you know they are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure your project meets or exceeds your expectations.

AAA Restoration provides full-service disaster remediation and restoration services to commercial and residential customers throughout northern Utah. We are located in Murray, Utah, but we help clients throughout the Salt Lake City area and surrounding communities. We are fully licensed, insured and IICRC certified for your peace of mind. We have been in business for over 22 years, and we have countless satisfied customers who can vouch for our exceptional service, fair pricing and quick emergency response time.

Contact AAA Restoration today to learn more about why we are the trusted water damage restoration experts in northern Utah.