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March 1, 2016
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How to Dry Wet Carpet

hwo to dry wet carpet

Water damage can cause serious problems for your home, ranging from structural damage to mold and mildew. Although any type of flood can cause trouble, your problem might be compounded if your carpet gets wet. In some minor cases, it might be possible to dry out your carpet yourself; here’s a handy guide.

Check the Cause

First of all, assess the reason for the wet carpet. Rainwater or large spills usually aren’t dangerous, but issues like a broken sewer line can be a serious health risk. If the water is clean, then you might be able to dry the carpet yourself; if it’s waste-water or has been contaminated by something you should get professional help.

Move Quickly

Make sure that you act quickly when dealing with wet carpet. It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mildew and mold to begin growing; any carpet that has been wet for longer than that should be discarded. In most cases, you should completely discard the wet portion of the carpet pad, since it can take significantly longer to dry out. The carpet itself, however, can usually be saved if you act soon enough.

Dry It Out

Try to remove as much water as possible. You’ll probably need professional flood remediation for a large-scale flood event. However, problems such as a leaking pipe, smaller spill, or open window can often be dealt with using a wet vacuum. Suck up as much of the water as you can, and then pull up the carpet and hang it somewhere to dry off. For smaller spills, this might simply be a matter of folding a corner back; larger flooding might require pulling up the carpet for the entire room.

Clean It Off

Finally, once the carpet is dry, put everything back and have the carpet cleaned. This can help prevent stains and microbial growth. You can rent a carpet machine and try to do this yourself, or get professional help to ensure a thorough cleaning. Whether you’re looking for minor carpet cleaning or full-scale flood remediation, AAA Restoration will be happy to help at any point.