Call a Water Removal Professional and Follow These Steps After A Flood

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February 8, 2019
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May 12, 2019
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Call a Water Removal Professional and Follow These Steps After A Flood

Moisture from flood damage can ruin the walls, ceilings, furniture, carpeting, and flooring. If left uncorrected by water elimination, it can also reduce the value of your property. This guide is packed with hints, and it will ensure your house is well-maintained.

When you have a flood, water damage can begin in minutes. Should this happen, you will want to take quick action. Disasters need immediate attention to prevent permanent damage. By contacting a water removal company, It’s possible to avoid severe damage. Water removal experts like AAA Restoration are experienced, expertly trained, and know what to do when disasters strike. In case you’ve got a flood due to a broken water pipe, leaky roof, or poor weather, a water damage expert can allow you to remedy the issue quickly.

Should you find that your house is destroyed or severely damaged, you will need to determine if it is safe for you to get into the property. You should not go in the home if you are not sure if it is safe. Be sure that you contact your insurance company immediately after a disaster occurs. Tell them what has transpired and be sure to keep ample documentation and photographs. If your home is secure enough to enter, you need to turn the power off and disable the primary circuit breaker panel as soon as possible. You should still try this if the power grid is down in your neighborhood. The panel is typically located in the garage, or on the side of the house. You should also switch off the gas supply lines and shut off the primary water source. To shut it off these sources the valves needs to be turned clockwise. You might need a wrench or pliers to complete this step.
Bear in mind that the sooner you get started protecting your belongings and house, the sooner you will recover from catastrophe or the accident.

If you’ve got flooding or severe water damage, do not put your kids and family in danger. It’s also wise to keep your pets away from the flooded areas.

If it is safe to do so, you can cover doors, broken windows, damaged walls, and roof areas with plastic sheeting to guard your house against rainwater harm. You should take your personal belongings to a location that’s safe and dry. If possible, put furniture, and water-damaged items in a bright place to assist in the drying process.

If there is water in the home, you may sweep it into the outside. Bear in mind that a water restoration business, like AAA Restoration, may help you extract the water quicker. They can also help you remove the water out of the carpets. Quick action is crucial when it comes to floods. You may not have the ability to salvage items if you don’t get rid of the water out quickly.

We highly suggest you have your items cleaned by an expert. They will use a dehumidifier, fans and other extraction tools to wash the interior of your home. A Utah water removal company like AAA also employs the latest techniques and equipment that will help prevent further damage to your ceilings, floors, walls, furniture, and personal possessions.

When in need of water elimination contact a company like AAA Restoration that understands that the job and has the expertise and tools to get the job done right.