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7 Signs That Your Home Has Underground Plumbing Damage


After a flood, there are numerous maintenance tasks that homeowners should be aware of. Flooding may damage essential parts of your home, so you should check them out to avoid further damage.

For instance, a flood may cause problems with your underground plumbing. Here are some of the signs to help you identify if your plumbing has issues.

1. No Water

The first sign to look for is that your home has no water pressure. This can be because your underground plumbing system hasn’t wholly been repaired. One way to avoid this is to have a backup water source. This includes a rainwater catchment or water tanks. To find out the real cause, you should contact a professional to inspect your plumbing system.

2. Poor Water Quality

Another sign your home has underground plumbing damage is poor water quality. Sometimes, cracks in your pipes will cause water to leak into the ground. The water below your home will have an unpleasant smell, but it could also contaminate the water above your home.

Although homeowners may use this water for irrigation, it’s dangerous to use for drinking. The best way to avoid this is to have your home’s underground plumbing system inspected after a flood.

3. High Water Bill

Another sign your home has underground plumbing damage is a high water bill. Fluctuations in your water bill are normal if you have a large family or if temperatures are changing. However, if you notice a sudden spike in your water bill, you may want to check your plumbing system.

4. Bad Smells

Sometimes, your home may have a strange smell. This could be because of a crack in your pipes that allows air to enter your pipe. The air can cause bacteria growth, which will cause your water to smell. You should check your home’s pipes to prevent this, especially if you have experienced flooding.

5. Whistling Noises

You may hear whistling noises from your pipes. This happens because your pipes have cracks. To fix this problem, the damages may need to be resealed. However, if you have heard this noise for a long time, it’s best to contact a professional to inspect your plumbing system for damage.

6. Clogs

If your home has experienced flooding, there is a chance that your pipes have experienced some clogs. To avoid further damage, you should unclog your pipes. One quick first-aid solution you can try is pouring vinegar or baking soda down your drain.

7. Sinkholes

Another sign to look for is a sinkhole. A sinkhole is formed when the soil beneath your home drains your plumbing system. You may not notice this problem until your toilet or sink stops draining.

A sinkhole can be dangerous, especially if it continues to grow. It may even collapse your home if it gets too big. To prevent this from happening, contact a professional to fix the problem.

Final Thoughts

Contact a plumbing company to inspect your underground plumbing system if you have noticed any of the above signs. The inspection will ensure the system is in good shape. If it isn’t, the professional will help you make the necessary repairs.

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