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Five Common Water Problems Every Homeowner Should Know

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Water can cause massive damage to one’s home, making it one of the more dangerous elements homeowners have to deal with. It doesn’t help that water can come from all angles, even inside your home.

To prevent your home from getting damaged, you must first be aware of the possible causes of water damage. This knowledge can give you a better idea of how to act should an issue arise.

Here are water damage causes that homeowners need to be wary of.

1. Leaky Water Pipes

Many homeowners overlook the water pipes in their homes. They may be in the walls, the attic, or even the basement. Even though you may not see them, they need constant maintenance to avoid leaks and bursts.

There are a number of factors that can cause water damage, such as the material the pipes are made of, the water pressure that’s coming in, or even the time and temperature fluctuations of the water.

To prevent water damage, you must always check the integrity of the pipes once in a while. You can also keep your water heater at a lower temperature to avoid cold shock.

2. Clogged Drainages

Clogged drainages may not seem like a big deal at first, but this could result in a bigger problem.

If the clog is not attended to, water may start to build up, which can cause regular water damage and mold growth. After all, mold grows best in moist environments.

To prevent it, you must first identify the cause of the clog. There are a few causes for this, including food left behind, hair, or toilet paper. If you have these problems, you may have to call a drainage expert to clear your pipes.

3. Malfunctioning Appliances

Another cause of water damage is malfunctioning appliances. The problem could lie in the appliance itself, the wiring, or the tubing behind it. These three things are usually the culprits.

For a better idea, imagine you have a faulty HVAC system. This HVAC system can cause leaks in your walls and ceiling, resulting in the need for repairs.

To avoid water damage when using appliances, you must regularly check for leaks and wear and tear. Also, if you are planning to use an appliance, be sure to read the safety and maintenance manuals.

4. Blocked Gutters

Blocked gutters can be a significant cause of water damage. When water can’t freely flow through the gutters, they may get blocked. This can cause water buildup on the rooftop, leading to leaks and mold.

While the gutter may look clean, the problem might lie underneath. It is important to inspect its joints and pipes, primarily if the gutter is located high up.

If there are clogs, you may need to remove the buildup and call a professional to fix it.


Water damage is one of the most common types of damage that homeowners face. It can occur in all parts of the home and in all parts of the year. However, you can prevent it by taking the right precautions.

Knowing the possible causes of water damage can help you prevent it from happening. However, if there’s a major leak or problem, you may need to call a restoration company to help fix the damage.

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