Utah Water Damage Service to Protect Your Home or Business from a Water Damage Disaster

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Utah Water Damage Service to Protect Your Home or Business from a Water Damage Disaster

Woman holding bucket collecting water from roof leak

Water damage restoration services are available anytime day or night, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. We respond immediately after your emergency situation occurs, whether it’s flooding caused by heavy rains, melting snow, sprinkler malfunction, or bursted pipes. Our technicians arrive at your location promptly and work quickly to remove moisture and dry out affected areas. They use advanced equipment to thoroughly clean every inch of your property and restore everything back to pre-loss condition.

We offer free estimates and no-obligation service calls. Contact us at 801-263-9990 for immediate assistance.

AAA is Your Local Property Damage Restoration Experts


AAA Restoration provides property damage and restoration services to commercial, residential, and industrial customers across the Wasatch Front. As a licensed general contractor we offer a full line of services that include carpet cleaning, emergency board-up, dehumidification, flooring, mold inspection and removal, water extraction and drying, and environmental services such as asbestos, lead, and hazardous materials removal.

Woman holding bucket to catch water falling from roof leak and flood damage



What are the most common ways for water damage to occur?

1. Bursted Pipes: A burst pipe is one of the worst things that could happen to your home. When a pipe bursts, all the water inside rushes through the hole causing severe damages to walls, ceilings, floors, and other parts of your home. You should never try to repair a broken pipe on your own because doing so may result in more problems than what was already present. Call our professionals today to get rid of the mess.

2. Drip Irrigation systems and Sprinklers: Many times drip irrigation and sprinkler systems fail due to lack of proper maintenance and cause flooding, mold, or water damage to 

3. Flooding: Flooding occurs when excessive amounts of rainfall fall within short periods of time. During heavy rains, rivers overflow their banks resulting in flooding.

4. Leakage: This type of water damage can be very serious if not taken care of right away. It usually happens when there is an issue with the plumbing in your house. The most common cause for this kind of leaky pipe problem is due to clogged-up drains. If you notice any dripping coming from sinks, toilets, or tubs then call us immediately so that we can help you fix the problem before it gets worse.

5. Rainwater runoff: Sometimes rainwater will seep under doors and windows and collect in basements. This is also known as “rainwater intrusion”.

6. Roof leaks: Another major reason why people have roof leaks is improper maintenance. Most roofs require regular inspections and repairs which homeowners often neglect to do. In addition, some roofs need special attention during certain seasons like the winter months. So make sure that you check your roof regularly and contact us whenever you see signs of leakage.

7. Sewer backup: One of the biggest causes of sewer backups is blocked sewers. These blockages occur mostly due to tree roots growing into them.

8. Snow melt: Water that melts off snow and ice piles up around foundations and basement areas. This results in wet soil conditions which eventually leads to rot and decay, flooding, and damage to carpets, drywall, and insulation.

9. Storm drain backflow: Backflows are caused by storm drains becoming plugged up. They can easily become clogged due to debris buildup. Once they begin flowing backwards, floodwaters rush into homes and businesses.

10. Tree root penetration: Trees grow deep roots that penetrate pipes and electrical wires. Roots can also break down concrete structures leading to cracks and holes. They can even enter homes through cracks in foundation walls.

11. Water heater issues: There are many reasons why your hot water tank might start leaking. Some of these reasons include faulty thermostats, worn heating elements, cracked tanks, etc.

12. Wet Basement: Wet basements are another big source of water damage. Usually, these issues arise after heavy storms where lots of water collects at ground level.

13. Wind-Driven Rain: Winds blowing across open fields can create large puddles of standing water.

14. Windstorms: Storms bring strong winds that blow debris onto rooftops and gutters. Once these elements settle down they create pressure against the drainage system forcing the water out of pipes. 

Does AAA Restoration work with My Business Property or Homeowners Insurance?

Yes! If a claim arises under your business property or homeowners insurance policy, it’s important to know what steps need to take place, and with over 30 years of business, AAA Restoration has seen it all so you can count on our expertise to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.. The first step after contacting AAA is to reach out to your insurer as soon as possible so that claims adjusters can evaluate the situation. After this initial evaluation, we’ll work with you and your insurance company to determine coverage. This allows our team to receive notification of the claim from your provider and have as much of the costs from our services paid by your insurance.

AAA Restoration is Salt Lake City’s Preferred Flood and Water Damage Removal Service

We are available 24/7 at 801-263-9990 for your immediate assistance with any questions you may have about our flood, mold, and water removal and restoration services. And we serve customers from Odgen to Salt Lake, Herriman and West Jordan, Lehi to Provo and Park City, Heber, Midway, and everywhere in between.

Our expertly trained technicians will be happy to help answer all of your questions regarding how we can assist you with your water damage needs. We offer free estimates on every job and guarantee satisfaction!

If you’re looking for an emergency service provider who offers fast response times, high-quality workmanship, and competitive pricing – look no further than AAA Restoration Services. Our team has been providing top-notch customer care since 2001.

If you would like more information, please call us today at 801-263-9990.