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March 12, 2018
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Mold Remediation & Testing for Your New Utah Home 
April 25, 2018
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Steps to Take After a Basement Flood

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Water naturally flows downward with gravity, and as a result, one of the most common water damage issues in the home comes via basement floods. Flood damage can lead to numerous household issues, from mold damage to other concerns, and at AAA Restoration, we’re here to help you correct these issues as quickly and professionally as possible.

Before or during our flood cleanup measures, there are some warnings you should heed as a homeowner in a case where you come home to find a basement flood. Here are a few precautions to take.

Don’t Enter

Basement floods aren’t just damaging, they’re potentially dangerous to you and your family. Water interacts poorly with electronics, and can also be a balance and be slipping hazard. Call an electrician along with our restoration pros right away, and if your circuit breaker is not located in the basement, shut off the power in your home to ensure that no electrical appliances become dangerous.

Safe Removal

A basement flood almost certainly means the sump pump has failed, so know that you’ll need to purchase a new one if our technicians instruct you to do so. In some cases of minor damage, you can do this without our help – under two feet of water can sometimes be removed by the homeowner with a sump pump, then by using a mop and towels for the rest. The speed with which water is removed is vital to prevent mold growth.

Damp Objects

Never leave any wet items behind – remove all items that got wet, and place them in a location where they can dry. File an insurance claim as soon as possible, if necessary. If there’s any carpet involved, it will likely need to be fully replaced.

Mold Prevention

Damp and dark conditions allow mold to flourish, and it can pose a health risk. You need to keep a careful eye out for mold in the weeks after a flood has been cleaned up, and do your best to clean your walls thoroughly with soap and warm water. Check the basement every day, and clean suspicious spots with bleach and warm water. If there are any persistent issues, our mold removal services might be required.

Locating Causes

Preventing future floods involves trying to figure out what caused it in the first place. Was it a heavy storm, foundational cracks, a faulty sump pump, or some other reason? The right precautions can keep a big flood from ever happening again.

Want to learn more about the steps to take directly after a flood, or any of our flood cleanup services? Speak to the pros at AAA Restoration today.